Ross Eggers

Ross has been fascinated by buildings for his entire life. As a kid, he was enamored by blocks and legos more than any other toy, and he was very inspired by an architect living next door to his childhood home. He later attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison to study structural engineering to follow that passion that he clearly recognized had always been inside.

Today his strongest intentions are to utilize both space and material as efficiently as possible in an effort to create highly usable buildings in the most economical manner. He also has strong ties and moral alignment with the Natural Foods industry and aspire to build a literal platform that these types of companies can can use to grow and succeed.

Ross also works very closely with Jarrett, Fiona's Natural Foods, and Bella Via Gluten Free every day, as well as the other companies inside our facility. He believes in the power of community and collaboration as vehicles for people and companies to realize their highest potential. Ross spends most of his free time with is wife and daughter exploring and enjoying the natural beauty of Colorado.

Jarrett Eggers

Jarrett, his wife and son live in colorful Colorado. He has a passion for the outdoors. Days off are spent camping, hiking, fly fishing, hunting, rafting, spending time with family and friends. He truly lives by the old “work hard, play hard” motto.

Jarrett has 20+ years of experience in food & beverage operations, management, production, marketing, and sales. His family has a true entrepreneurial spirit that began generations back and has carried on to the present. He credits his great grandparents, grandparents, father and uncle for his success in life and business. Living up to good examples of work ethic, kindness, generosity, and high expectations has pushed him to where he is today. He is currently an Owner at Skyway Foods, General Manager of Fiona’s Naturals Foods & General Manager at BellaVia Gluten Free/Ambrosian Foods. These are all Eggers family owned and operated businesses. He feels blessed to be working closely with his family on these projects.

Jarrett’s recent focus is on building a community of like-minded entrepreneurs working together to accomplish amazing results and achieve realistic goals. Colorado has become a hot bed of natural and organic food companies. The Eggers are working daily with many of these companies to develop relationships in the community that can be beneficial to all involved. Jarrett believes that the right team, community, support and work ethic will lead to success in business and in life.